Recommended Places

Here are some of my recommendations of places to get good deals on Upright Bass and Accessories. I have dealt with virtually every shop on earth over the years. These are places that I have first hand positive experiences with, so it’s not intended to be a comprehensive list, but a list of my personal recommendations.

I’m trying to keep the list as short as possible. Rather than making you go through hundreds of links to figure it out for yourself (I’ve already gone through pretty much every place over the years), it makes sense to just recommend places.

Keep in mind that these business are accustomed to shipping, so don’t let the location discourage you.

Upright Basses

Upright Bass Strings

Work and Adjustments on the Upright Bass

Bow Rehair and Bow Repair

Acoustic Image Amplifiers

BassBalsereit Pickups

Innovative and Cool Bass Products


Oak Rosin

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