NextBop Artist: Ben Williams

I’ve been busy juggling all of the aspects of life and music just like most of you. Still seeking and appreciating new music, I have been enthusiastic about, which titles itself as”The Next Generation of Jazz”. It’s refreshing to hear new ideas that are still true to the form. Some music personally connect with, some I don’t, but that is music. Beside the more recognized names such as Christian Scott and Brad Mehldau, here’s bassist Ben Williams (and Band Leader) that I’ve chosen to showcase this time. Some of you may remember him as a past International Society Of Bassist award recipient.

A young players out of D.C. with a funny story of how he got into playing the bass.


Edited Promo:


Marc Johnson

Not a household name (how many bassists are?), but a highly respected bassist.

Bassist with Eliane Elias (wife), Lyle Mays as well as recorded with Stan Getz, Joe Lovano, Michael Brecker, Gary Burton

Brandi Disterheft

I was out and about, and curious to if anyone else uses Velvet Garbos on their Czech Ease. Sometimes in my Internet searches, I inadvertently find videos of bassists with incredible talent, yet don’t get much exposure.

Maybe some of you have heard of her, but if you haven’t, she’s a talented young bassists to keep an eye on.

Black Dahlia – Recording Session Footage

This is what I consider to be one of the GOOD albums in my music collection. We are fortunate that Bob Belden (the composer) had posed footage of the recording session for the first track of the album. Even better, Ira Coleman, the bassist was sitting behind the soloists so we get a good deal of footage of him in the shot.

If you are an aspiring recording musician, take notes. You have to be on your ‘A’ game because you don’t want to be the cause of a second take. Your reading and playing needs to be spot on.

“Technicolor Nightmare” – Christian McBride

Miles Mosley

One of the recent highly talented upright bassists that I’ve stumbled across that’s doing something spectacular and outside cliche arrangements is Miles Mosley. Keep and eye out for him, I believe that his talents and abilities will take him much further in music.

Also take note for those of you putting together promotional videos. It’s clear visually and in audio, with effective camera angles. Well done Miles

Contrast that with a nice arco solo that he does here:

Merry Christmas

Dean Taba, one of my past college bass instructors at a gig in Hawaii, where he moved back to. For those of you who are strong in bass guitar, note that Dean is a true doubler and is truly, highly skilled at both.

Dean usually records his gigs for his reference so that’s the reason that it’s not a great video, but the audio gives you some idea of what he’s doing.