We Don’t Call it a Double Bass Here

This doesn’t mean that we don’t support classical bassist nor does it mean that the term “Double Bass” is used by “the other guys”. In fact, many of us have had many years of education and study in classical bass. The topic of classical double bass is well covered in Jason Heath’s Double Bass Blog.

Music is music, but the purpose of this site it to represent the same instrument in other genres of music, not to create divisions within our community. We upright bassists are comprised of those who are into a broader spectrum of music; Jazz, Rock, Funk, Blues, Latin and their respective sub-genres. This site is here to discuss the specific topics that are relevant to us.  The Upright Bass Blog doesn’t mean pizzicato only, no bow or anything like that. It’s about doing music  outside of the classical repertoire. We are are not called double bassists, because we don’t double cellos or just function as lower octave of a symphony orchestra or string ensemble. We have our own voice and own function in our upright bass roles.

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About the Author

Lawrence Wu holds a Bachelors degree in Music from The California State University in Long Beach (Bob Cole Conservatory of Music). His studies emphasized on Bass Performance. As a native of Southern California, he has played bass in a variety of genres in the diverse music melting pot that reflects the wide cultural influences here, although his career focuses around jazz.

Lawrence’s setup consists of:

Circa 1920 German Bass with Velvet Garbo

BassBalsereit “Studio” pickup
DPA 4099 condenser microphone

Acoustic Image Coda+ combo amp
Prochownik Bow

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