Ray Brown Masterclass

Ray Brown’s contributions to the music and bass are innumerable. As a performer and composer he advanced music. But what we also appreciate about him was his dedication to education and teaching.

Thank you to the person who recorded this back then and the person who posted this, making it available for us to continue to treasure.

In this video gives a history of technique and then he brings it all together into how to get a great tone. For those of you that haven’t seen his classes, he always emphasized tone over a type of what I would describe as quasi-virtuosity (lot of notes). Technique to get tone and tone to play incredible sounding notes. Playing lots of notes for the sake of playing a lot of notes was something that he often taught detracted from THE music. Similar to rambling. Kinda of like my posts sometimes I suppose. Make those notes sing and make them meaningful!

If you are skimming the video (though I encourage you to spend the time to watch it through, several times), be sure to watch the section starting at 16:30. It’s just as true today as it was back then and a common affliction that creeps up on all of us.

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