Notable Female Bassists

Lm, said:

What about notable female bassists? Did I miss something? Certainly there have to be at least some….

  • Lawrence, said:

    I’m open to suggestions on female bassists.

    I believe that there are many currently emerging that will become notable within our community in the near future.  Talent should be recognized regardless of gender or race. Rather it should be because of an individual’s accomplishments and deserved recognition. For example, creating the category “Female Bassists” implies unequal footing with male bassists. Adding a female name for the sake of adding a female name diminishes the recognition of accomplishments of female bassists in the future, thus is counterproductive. A bassist should be recognized regardless of their gender or race, likewise they should not be recognized primarily because of their gender or race.

    I’m not a big proponent of the Grammy’s, but they did two things that I applaud this year: The first was awarding Esperanza Spalding, and the second was  the announcement  that they are going to do away with separate male and female awards (i.e. Best Female Album). If we believe that women are not inferior to men, then we should not create a handicapping system that recognizes their accomplishments separate from men.

    I have no doubt that there were women in that past whose enormous bass talents never reached their potential due to social inequity and lack of opportunities. Tragic as it is, they never became influential or notable in our community. Looking forward, it’s promising that we are seeing bassists (who happen to be female), emerging and accomplishing much today. They will influence the future the way our predecessors did in the past.

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