Don’t Shop at Jack’s Music

There are great shops out there, but there are ones at the opposite end of the spectrum. Some businesses are so bad at what they do, I’d hate for others to experience the same thing. Jack’s Music Store (also known as River Rock Music) at is one of those that you should avoid.

I was in need of a new cello endpin socket for a custom Laborie project that I was putting together. Fortunately I received a $20 VISA gift card from AT&T to pay for that part, so I did a search on Google to see if I could find an endpin socket for that price. I stumbled across Jack’s Music’s website which had the part advertised within the balance that I have on that card.

I placed the order on Jan 25th and they charged me the money immediately. A week goes by and I hadn’t seen any updates to the order status so I email them to see what’s going on. I receive a email stating:

“Customer inquired about status; will contact Engelhardt for shipping information.”

Okay, that’s fair, sounds like a problem with the distributor. Okay you didn’t actually carry the part that you advertise, perhaps you should state that the item is a special order item, and perhaps shouldn’t charge me until the item ships. Perhaps you should inform a customer to expect delays and that it could take weeks to get the part in.

So I wait a week and hear nothing. I email again and hear nothing for a week. Then several days later I receive the message

“Have not received status from Engelhardt. Refunding order and canceling. Have discontinued selling Engelhardt parts.”

Even ATM machines are more polite these days. Say what you will about call centers in India, but at least they’re more polite than a music shop in Michigan.

Several days later, I still have not receive the credit and the Visa gift card is now expiring. I called up the credit card company and they said credits take up to 7 business days at most. It’s been 9 business days and no credit. Since the card now has expired, there’s nothing that Visa can do for me.

Just out of curiosity, I called up Engelhardt to see if they have the endpin sockets in stock. There was no difficulty in reaching Engelhardt and getting an answer and they were polite and helpful. They said that they did, and that I would have to order through a music store. I asked them how long it would take to get one to the store, they said it takes a few days to process, but they can definitely get it out since it is in stock.

So looks like now I’m paying out of pocket for the endpin socket.


In all fairness, I emailed them a copy of my post and they once again got back to me only after I emailed them. I guess I didn’t get the credit after all, they once again didn’t inform me of what’s going on:

Lawrence – thank you for your input.
Your frustration is a mirror of ours and we apologize for your experience with us. We had not credited your card yet – because we were awaiting the confirmation of the cancellation from Engelhardt. It appears that they have now, indeed, sent your part as we have received notification via regular mail from Engelhardt.
We have discontinued selling parts as of this time, due to this type of lack of response time. It was requested by the manufacturer that we offer them, and as a convenience to our customer we agreed. But, as you can see, it is decidedly an inconvenience if we cannot fulfill the orders in a timely manner.
Again, your parts have been shipped – we have been billed by Engelhardt.
Thank you for your time in forwarding this to our Customer Service Department.

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