Grammy Winner: Esperanza Spalding!

Wow. Wow. This took me by surprise too. Jazz Artist, Upright Bassist, and phenom Esperanza Spalding took the award for best new artist. Great recognition of talent, promotion of jazz, women bassists and awareness of our type of bass.

Very heart warming. I’m less cynical of the Grammies which has actually recognized talent over popularity….this time. I’ll be straightforward and admit that I didn’t watch most of the Grammies; getting some sleep was needed, but none the less, what I did see was entertaining and made me a bit more open-minded about The Industry.

Interestingly enough as a side note, I saw a spike in page visits in the last 24 hour period. I’m speculating that between Esperanza and the appearance of our beloved bass even among performing acts, interest was generated and people Googled to find out more about the upright bass.

On a side note, a bunch of (presumably female, teenage) fans had edited Esperanza Spalding’s Wikipedia page in their hormone driven, pubescent angst filled disappointment that Justin Bieber didn’t clinch this award. It’s actually really funny after you’re done shaking your head. Some of the vandals wrote such comments as: “SHE IS F****** REATARD,”(SIC) and “JUSTIN BIEBER DESERVED IT GO DIE IN A HOLE.” (lack of punctuation is correctly quoted). After which the vandals slammed their bedroom doors a few times, texted their friends with morbid thoughts about how to exit this cruel world(OMG), and cried their eyes all night about about how life’s not fair and that Esperanza ruined their lives (accompanied with flying objects). Okay, I added that last part.

Reader’s comments, overwhelmingly siding with Esperanza, are entertaining too.

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