Acoustic Image Ten2 Ex

Remember back when I said that the Acoustic Image Coda+ was a godsend and that I have all that I needed in amplification? Remember how I said that it was everything that an upright bass amplifier should be and that there was no need to do anything else.

I was wrong.

This past weekend, I was running the Czech-Ease bass and ran into a problem at a large venue. I had the BassBalsereit pickup plugged into the Acoustic Image Coda+ and the DI to the PA board. During my own sound check, everything was good. As usual, the amp was so transparent that the only way I knew that it was doing its job was the fact that I knew the bass couldn’t get that loud on its own. All seemed well until the ensemble was just really loud. I could barely hear myself so I started turning up the master volume knob. Cranked up really high, I could finally hear myself, but at the cost of tone out of the amp. The sound produced was no longer flat and certain bands of frequencies were more pronounced than others. The sound coming out was better than the days of bass guitar amps, Polytones, and GK MB, but it wasn’t what I’ve become spoiled with accustomed to.

Everyone knows that if you want more volume, you need more speakers, not more watts. The 800 watt Coda+ amp is plenty for what I do, but I just wasn’t moving enough air. So here is the solution and latest addition; the Acoustic Image Ten2 EX extension speaker. Pictured is the Acoustic Image Coda stacked on top of the Ten2Ex. I’m confident that this should do the trick.

The theory is normally the Coda is great for most moderate level situations. It doesn’t make itself known since it’s sonically invisible with its flat reproduction and downward facing woofer. The bassy punch (presence) come from the bass itself and the speakers just reinforced the bass. When the set gets LOUD, the forward facing 10″ is needed to reinforce the punch from the bass since the natural punch gets lost in the wash on stage.

For the mere cost of two packs of Velvet Anima Strings, I could buy the Contra Ten2 EX ($629) More on this when I get a chance to put the speaker and combination in real situations.

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