Damaged NS Design CR4T Update and United Parcel Service

NS Design and Bass Central have been most helpful in handling the shipping damaged bass situation. UPS has initially denied the claim (do they ever approve claims?) and NS had sent a return shipping label.

I had shipped home audio speakers through UPS that I sold on Ebay earlier this year. I took them to the UPS Store to have it properly boxed and shipped. UPS Store as I had found out later, are franchises and not corporate owned. Of course, this fact is only reveals itself with some sleuthful questioning.

The buyer snapped some pictures and informed me that they were damaged. I called UPS and a week later, they automatically claimed that it was damaged due to improper packaging.: Claim Denied. I told them that their UPS Store packed it. They said that they were not liable and that the stores are not “part of UPS” and are individually owned franchises. I mentioned to them that their website states that they will pay for any damaged shipping that is shipped through the UPS Store through their Pack & Ship Promise. They said that guarantee is through the UPS Store, not through UPS. When I called the local UPS Store that I used, the owner of that store said that he was not liable, since it was UPS that did the damage.

So who is this guarantee provided by? Technically .. no one. The UPS Store organization assumes that their stores will always pack it properly so they assume that UPS will automatically pay out claims as stated on the UPS insurance guidelines. UPS can and does deny claims even if it was packed within their packaging guidelines. Live and learn.

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