Project Czech Ease

Many of you have noticed a sudden drop in posts in past weeks. I’ve been busy working on the Czech Ease and getting it to my liking. This is not to say that the bass needed a lot of work. In fact, it was surprisingly good for a new bass. The sound was good , fingerboard was excellent, and the bridge was good.

There was only one thing that had to be done to get the bass playing optimally: Bridge Height and Shape.

Of course it never stops there for those that like their basses a certain way.

Here are some things that I am going to do to get the bass to how I prefer them. I’ve been documenting them along the way so I’ll do individual write-ups on each:

  • Adjust neck shape and thickness. Restain and refinish neck.
  • Remove The Realist pickup
  • Reshape and reduce height on bridge
  • Bore hole in bridge for Balsereit Pickup
  • Add small wood block on tailpiece for AKG mic mount
  • Fill in concavity on tailpiece, carve wooden holder, and glue holder to bottom side of tailpiece to allow for secure mount of XLR connectors from AKG Mic and Balsereit.
  • Create long and thick Laborie type endpin and bore hole

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