David Gage Czech Ease

CE_full3After the custom NS Design CR4T was damaged in shipping, I was in the market again for another Electric Upright Bass, since I strongly detest dot markers and it would take months for NS Design to make me another CR4T. I decided to go with the David Gage Czech Ease, even though it is significantly harder to transport than a EUB. I’ve known about the Czech eases, but the first version was mediocre in sound and I wanted to keep my traveling bass as compact as possible. The second revisions definitely are better, which offset its larger size compared to the EUB. I ordered it through Southwest Strings which is a company with a very high level of integrity.

When I was at the local shop, they had a rental Czech Ease that I rented since the NS Bass was damaged and I had a travel gig that I needed it for right away. I’ve heard of these for years and it sounded like a great opportunity to give it a try. When I returned, I was doing some price shopping for a better price on that Czech Ease and that’s when I stumbled upon String Southwest’s fantastic deal. In fact, the price was one that I haven’t seen since it was first introduced, which made me suspect an error in the pricing. I called them, they took the order and honored the price. Shortly after they promptly corrected the mistake on their website, but they did make good on the price. This is how a company wins people’s loyalty for life. They could have said it’s a typo and not made good on it, but they did what people with integrety do, they made good on their word.

I’m already enjoying the acoustic nature of the Czech Ease over EUB’s. It won’t replace my old German bass, but I do see using it for places where I chose the EUB because of its size and durability (small restaurants and outdoor gigs). Time will tell if dealing with the larger size of the Czech Ease over the NS Design Bass dampen my outlook of it being the idea travel bass, but the right now, the quality sound is so far worth the extra effort. There is no way that a EUB will ever have the ability to produce the acoustic timbre of the Czech ease, but the EUB was much more convenient. I have already decided to use the BassBalsereit “Studio” Pickup and AKG c516 mic from the German bass. The nice thing is that it only take a minute to move them from one bass to the other.

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