Re: My Support of Bass Central

Some of you have emailed me mentioning a couple of other places that sell the Acoustic Image amps at the same price and are wondering why I chose Bass Central, which is more of a bass guitar store. They are the same price on the Acoustic Image as the lowest priced places out there, because Acoustic Image has a dealership agreement that forbids any dealer from selling below a certain price. For other products, such as the NS Design Basses they were the best in price (period). I highly recommend purchasing from Bass Central for your Acoustic Image amp and NS Design Bass. For anything else that’s upright bass related, check out the Where to Go For… section using the tab above for places that I have had good experiences with.

I like good people. When good people have the best prices, I fully support and recommend them. There’s Steve Koscica of The String Emporium who is a phenomenal full-time performing bassist, has excellent prices, wide selection of basses and invaluable insight. He knows a good bass because he knows how to play them to their limits, all the while still being a great guy.

Then on the other end of the spectrum there’s Beaver Felton, who’s also a great person, and a renowned bass guitar performer and instructor. He came from the 80’s rock era and had a life changing car accident; he was paralyzed from the chest down. I’m not supporting him because of pity, but I support him because through his adversity, he’s still such a great guy. I have to respect someone who can overcome obstacles life his dealt him, lose way on his lifelong dream, and still come out on top. It’s just wonderful to be associated with inspirational people like this.

There’s also the simple fact that I like to direct people to ethical, highly skilled bassists, since it boils down to a single question I have for retailers: How can you tell people that something is good, if you can’t play that well? Aren’t you more impressed when you hear a store owner who can play at a high level and not just talk the talk? Factor in that these two have the most competitive prices, and it’s a no-brainer to me.

Steve Koscica runs The String Emporium and can be seen/heard at the Phoenix Symphony

Beaver Felton runs Bass Center and can be seen/heard in the Superchops instructional videos for bass guitar (and on YouTube).

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