On Order Acoustic Image Coda+

I have just put in my order for the new Acoustic Image Coda+ through Bass Central. They anticipate that these will start shipping in a few weeks. I’ve known about Acoustic Image since they started, but until seeing this model, I was hesitant to change my decades old SWR/Bag End setup. Quite frankly, the first couple of Acoustic Image models always looked like they were works in progress . They have finally evolved to the point where I couldn’t resist this amp: It’s even lighter weight, more compact, very refined in construction and now they’ve added a head that you can undock (called the Cabrio System) that allows for the ultimate in flexibility. Most high end PA speaker manufacturers have already moved away from wood construction and have proven that material obsolete. Class D amps and sound chamber shaping abilities of molded polymer cabinetry has made the birch cabinets and class AB amps that I had seem so dated and unnecessarily heavy. I went ahead and ordered it. I sold off my amps and some cabinets, and then used that money to get this combo.

I’ve become a minimalist and my setup is now down to:

  • Old German Bass w/ Realist
  • NS Design CR4T (still waiting, it’s a special order)
  • Acoustic Image Coda+ (on order)

That list of gear pretty much does it for me. Maybe if I get the urge to be a coda_plus-design-lggearhead someday, I’ll buy the Acoustic Image Ten2 Ex to add to the Coda+ to get more volume if needed.

I’ll do a writeup on it when I get it in. It does seem a bit odd that all 100+ lbs of gear that I sold off is consolidated into this 20 lbs combo amp, but I’m sure my back will appreciate it. With the added AI Mooradian Soft Case, I’ll be able to roll my bass and tote the combo over my shoulder. It’ll be nice to be able to get everything in one trip, and still have 450 watts of quality sound. (Yes, I know that the specs say 800 watts; that’s only if you add another speaker and get the impedance down to 4 ohms.)

3 Responses

  1. You have made a wise choice going with the Acoustic Image amp!
    For years I used amps such as the Ampeg B15N and was very pleased with the sound. Especially after I added a fifth string to my upright that was a lo B. (I did upgrade to an 18″ speaker in my Ampeg to give me a little more volume for that string)
    I eventually found myself on an extended gig that had very limited space on the stage, so I placed a down facing speaker into a big band music stand and performed in that manner. (As you are aware, the frequencies of the bass notes are longer waves that tend travel along the floor). This sounded ok, but I wanted more highs, so I was able to obtain a used Acoustic Image extension speaker to place behind me.
    I was blown away by the sound and response!
    Being a curious person (which is the nature of a bass player) I disassembled the AI extension speaker in an attempt to determine the makeup of their crossover network. I then discovered that they use a 4 ohm speaker in their box, not an 8 ohm speaker. Therefore, your amp is also driving a 4 ohm circuit and when you add an extension speaker, you’ll be looking at 2 ohm impedance.
    However, do not be concerned. Since I discovered this, I changed my music stand over to a 4 ohm speaker and get a wonder sound and response from that system.
    Infact, I got so hooked on this sound that I went out and purchased an AI Coda to use on other gigs where I have more room and have been very pleased using it on flat response (even with my lo B sting!). When I work in a big band environment, or in a big room, I will often my AI extension speaker to get just a little better coverage (and not have to go thru the sound system).
    And, I can carry my upright and amp into a gig in one load!

  2. Hey Lawrence,
    Did you ever get your Coda+? I’ve been waiting over 2 months and they keep saying “in about a week or two”
    Where are these things? Has anyone had issues with the new Cabrio system?
    I cant wait- I loved my Clarius 2R!

    • I did get it a few weeks ago. I’ve been busy with the damaged NS, then setting up the Czech ease, and now we’re trying to close escrow on a home. So I’ve been backed up on doing a review on it.

      The new Cabrio System is a fantastic idea I haven’t used that feature yet, but I’m thinking that it’d be great if I ever decide to play the slab bass and I can undock it and hook it up to the Bag End 4×10. Very slick setup. I did undock it just to try and it was easy. To boot, Rick had even designed a hidden compartment in the combo where the rubber feet for the head can be stored. I thinking of calling Rick up and getting a case for the head from AI or it looks like it would fit my laptop case also.

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