Why Are You Online? … Go And Play

Just putting another perspective on gear addicted bassists (gearheads)


Kenny, should I 'Just Say No' to gear talk so that I don't have to accompany cheesy sax music?

I appreciate the hundreds of you that now visit this site daily. Your support is highly appreciated. I’d like to take this time to do a public service announcement: Don’t spend too much time online reading this stuff and importantly don’t get addicted to gear.

There are those that love the gear aspect of music (gearheads), which is not at all uncommon. As I have mentioned in previous posts, there are people who know and focus on gear far more than playing the instrument itself, are usually mediocre bassists at best.

Most of the best musicians that I know usually don’t obsess about equipment and they don’t care about the engineering behind a product. They don’t sit there on forums everyday writing about the difference between Underwood, Realist, Fishman and K&K. They go and try out stuff and when it sounds good, they buy it and they’re done. Equipment to them is the headache part of trying to get a good sound. There are only so many hours in a day and if someone is spending hours each day on the internet talking about gear, then that’s hours less they spent actually playing.

If your going to converse with other bassists online, your time would be spent better talking about anything else that actually addresses being a better bassist. You’ve gotta question the motives of someone who is always online posting about products (and plug their store). Of course the music retailers would love to perpetuate your addiction to gear by keeping you talking and thinking about gear; they want to keep the money rolling in.

Thinking about ways of playing better is far cheaper.

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