Acoustic Image: No Contra+

Acoustic Image, a popular manufacturer of amplifiers for the upright bass, has upgraded the features of the Coda through theseparation_ad years. The most recent feature added is the Cabrio Docking System which allows you to undock the amplifier (“head”) section from the speakers. This allows for more flexibility if you need a different configuration (e.g. outdoor concerts, venues with no P.A.) where you would need a different speaker configuration. Systems with the new Cabrio Docking System have the suffix, such as the Coda+.

I asked Rick Jones of Acoustic Image if they plan to offer the docking system in the Contra (which would make it a Contra+). The official answer is that they do not anticipate offering that feature because they are trying to keep the price down on the Contra, which they consider to be their entry level product.

Acoustic Image can be found at

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