Do NOT Play Like This

There are videos that make me cringe. This one doesn’t make me cringe the way Jackass did, but it’s just as wrenching. On this guy’s bio, he mentions that he’s been teaching for 25 years and specializes in upright. Since there are quite a few hits on this video, I’ve got to step in before people start copying what he’s demonstrating.

Be careful who you are learning from. Just because they’ve been teaching for a while and charge for lessons doesn’t make them a good teacher. If you’re going to pay your hard earned money for lessons ask the important questions: Who taught you to play the upright bass? Did you go to school to learn the upright bass? Do you have a degree in music? What else do you teach (if they start naming more than a couple of instruments, run!). Also, ask them to play the upright bass for you.

This guy must be a guitar player. Some pointers: Wrist is cocked severely  and fingers are flat. His hand looks as tense as a cat about to jump into a tree. The guy must be using all palm muscles to press the string down. You’ll either develop joint problems and/or have a weak tone this way. If I had to play that way, I would have given up the upright bass a long time ago.

Remember it takes longer to correct a bad habit than to start out right. For the love of God, do not follow this guy’s technique.

Again, for those of you skimming through the text:


And before teaching, at least reach the intermediate level… Stop looking at the fingerboard (staring at it like that, you’re giving it the creeps), get at least within ballpark range of the right pitch and don’t make arco on the upright bass sound like you’re sawing a cat. If you’re going to instruct people to do something, you should demonstrate yourself doing it successfully. What’s the point of this One Finger (I count two since he is pressing with both fingers next to each other ) Shifting Exercise?

Again, for those of you who need to improve on your reading comprehension:


2 Responses

  1. Is he deaf too?

  2. the second you-tube link is a real horror movie moment ! i.e. ‘watch though the cracks of your fingers behind the sofa’ is the best way to watch!

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