Careers: Music School

Why do people get a music degree? Most aspiring musicians want to understand music better. How does it work? Why does it work? How did music evolve? We want to know the inner workings of music. Most of you have noticed that all pop music follows the same formula. Same chord progressions and same meters. You don’t need to go to music school to play popular music nor do you need to know how and why it works. Pop music is entertainment rather than art. It’s purpose is to become popular and make money. Ever notice that most pop “music artists” are one trick ponies and they borrow the same “ideas” from each other? More importantly, notice how many pop musicians are on welfare?

Do you need a music degree to become a musician?

You do not need a music degree to become a musician. There are many musicians that do fine without a music degree. The curriculum in music school will create the structure to learn things that a musician may not otherwise learn on their own. It will greatly enhance you as a musician and bassist. You will understand how music works and why. You learn about the Greats and what made them so great. It gives you ideas and opens up the musical universe for you. Without the education, you’re the guy at the telescope slowly finding and discovering things that have already been discovered centuries ago and already covered in astronomy 101.

Don’t Brag About Dropping Out Of School or Intending to Go

I’ve seen the bios of some bass players on the Internet and they would mention things such as “I attended music school” or “I intended to get a music degree”. “Attended music school” or “was a music major” is not the same as graduating with a music degree. I really don’t know why people think this fact is worth mentioning when they talk about themselves as musicians. Frankly, I think that some people use this as some sort of credibility thing, but to music graduates it shows insecurity. It’s okay if you didn’t go and are a fantastic musician, but it is actually better not to mention it at all.

Choosing A School

If you’re looking into choosing a music school right now, I would highly, highly recommend choosing one that is at an accredited university. That bachelors degree is still a bachelors degree at a university no matter where life takes you career-wise. It will open doors for a good paying job or more pay at a job as you begin your pursuit in your music career. A “degree” or “certificate” from an unaccredited “college” or “institute” puts you in the same category as someone who only graduated high school, by most employers. If you later choose to get a Masters or Ph.D in music, it will have to be from an accredited university if you want to attend an accredited university for that graduate degree.

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