How to Make a Living (Part 1)

In my final semester as an undergrad, there was a mix of emotions. I was thrilled that I achieved my goal; I’ve completed the curriculum and was finally getting my Bachelors in Music as an Upright Bassist. It’s a fantastic goal for me since 90% of entering music students at most universities do not graduate. I also remembered that I was faced with the reality that I would need to start my career and make a living.

Years later, I never once ever regretted pursuing music and getting my bachelors in it. The wealth of skill, knowledge, and history in music that you get from immersing yourself all day, every day for 4-5 years is something that will serve you for a lifetime. I knew that if I didn’t, I’d regret it for the rest of my life. Even as my career deviated from music for certain years, the degree and the experience that came with it was always fond to me.

As great of a program that California State University, Long Beach’s (Bob Cole Conservatory of Music) program was, it’s just like any other liberal arts program; they develop you into an employable musician, but it’s up to you to create your career. Here’s where some of my fellow students and acquaintances that were bassists (upright and/or bass guitar) have landed. Each will be covered in future parts of this series.
  1. Performing Musician
  2. Music Educator
  3. Music Business
  4. Non-Music Related Fields
Many do not limit themselves to one of these career fields exclusively.

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