BassBalsereit Studio (Symmetrical/Balanced) Upright Bass Pickup

balsereitLooks like it’s time to upgrade again. I’ve been very pleased with the Original (Passive) Balsereit Pickup, but now it looks like I can’t resist upgrading to the recently released BassBalsereit Studio Pickup. The “Studio” model connects via XLR and has a balanced symmetrical signal. It should work wonderfully with Acoustic Image heads which has two XLR capable channels, each with Balanced XLR inputs and Phantom Power. I will be sending the AKG C516 Mic through one channel and the BassBalsereit Studio into the other. I’ll keep a Rolls MP13 handy just in case I ever need to plug into someone else’s bass amp that only has  1/4″ inputs AND there is no mixer that I can plug into (the BassBalsereit Studio is designed to sound good directly into a mixer/PA).

I like the fact that they sound phenomenal, plus you can swap it between basses easily (using one pickup for 3 basses helps offset the expensive price). Should be a very good setup and I will post the results after some use.

Just like the original Balsereit Pickup, the pickup is conic and you can physically turn the pickup to get the most accurate sound out of your bass. Here are some clips that I found online at the GEBA Online site of someone who recorded a demonstration of the original Balsereit and the new Studio version.

Each repetition played is the pickup at different positions. The idea of tune-ability is that some positions sound great, some okay, while others are downright awful. While listening, keep this in mind.




Balsereit_studio_360 degree

Thank goodness for Google Translate. Here is a translation of the Balsereit technical overview:


The fully balanced development of the  BassBalserite Aktiv.
Typical applications: Professionals, studio recordings, small and large stages.

Significant improvements:

  • Extremely microphone-like, natural sound
  • Delicate, balanced sound image of the instrument
  • Sophisticated tone
  • Fat basses
  • Signal / noise ratio is less than -100 dB
  • Operation only with balanced inputs with phantom power
  • Output level of about 0 dB

The BassBalsereit Studio costs about $650 including shipping to the United States. Thomann carries these in stock.

One Response

  1. This is the best sounding Upright bass pickup I have ever hear in my life!!!!!!! Saving up for it and definitely getting one at some point in the near future! Thank you for the demo!! Brilliant. Tim

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