Link Added: Prochownik Bows

I’ve been a strong advocate of Z. Prochownik Bows for many years and think very highly of his work. I bought a bow from him over 10 years ago and it’s still my main bow for both Jazz, Solo Arco, and Orchestral styles. I’ve always liked it for its quality and value. Make no mistake about that statement, it is definitely a professional bow.

My style of arco may be different than yours, so your results with his bows may vary, but it suits mine perfectly. For those of you like me prefer a cellist style of bowing (no downward pressure on the bow, hand-weight only) you’ll find that Z. Prochownik’s bows work perfectly. Balance is ideal as is its ability to effortlessly draw a quality, large sound from a bass. It is a responsive bow that plays by finesse rather than strength. I tend to put lighter than average tension on my bows and for me, volume is achieved by lateral placement of the bow on string and bow speed instead. It’s not wimpy, I can still dig down without overplaying when the tonal effect is needed, nor have I ever felt hampered or limited by the bow.

I should add a caveat; there are bassists that have tried my Z. Prochownik bow and it did not suit their style. If you like to romp and play with a large amount of downward pressure on bow and string, the bow may not suit you as well as an alternative.

The next time you are in the market for a professional caliber bow, be sure to give Mr Prochownik a call.

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