Discounts for Upright Bass Stuff

mainPromo_1Music123, which is not a upright bass store, is running a 20% off sale until next Tuesday. Thomastik Spirocores are on sale and AMT s25b bass condenser mic at 20% and free shipping for those of you who have been waiting to buy one. I prefer the AKG C516 non-instrument specific condenser mic, which I also got another one for 20%.

There are some exclusions on brands, but most are included in this sale. The AKG is usually excluded from sales, but it was included in this one. Also, the discount is only for stuff in stock. They won’t give you 20% off of items that are out of stock.

2 Responses

  1. Music 123 is owned by your nemesis Guitar Center. Maybe GC is not the evil empire after all!

  2. Yes, if I don’t have to interface with their sales people/”musicians”, Me and GC are level. If I have to interact with one of them, the gloves come off.

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