Welcome to OUR site

This is my first post and my first blog. Since I currently have zero subscribers, I am hearing the echos of an empty virtual room.

As some of you have known, I’ve been sitting on the domain names of uprightbass.com, bassviolin.com, and double-bass.com for some years now without doing much with them. When I was in college I did run an modest online store to pay for my school expenses, which some of you had supported. After I graduated, I sold off the business to pay for my college debts.

After selling off the business about 10 years ago, uprightbass.com went into limbo as I pursued my career and worked hard to make ends meet. Now it had finally reemerged as a blog.

While I don’t have specific vision for it at this point, what I wanted to do is allow it to grow and see what comes from it organically. For that to happen, you the readers will have the say on which way uprightbass.com will grow. For my part, I’m going to do what the blogger does and write about what comes to my mind and we will see how this site grows. Since this is called ‘Upright Bass dot com’, it would make sense that the majority of people peeking in would be interested in genres of music aside from orchestral. That topic is very well covered by Jason Heath’s Double Bass Blog.

I’d especially like to encourage those people who are doing something a little out there or innovative. Are you playing the upright bass where people normally play bass guitar? Are you playing music that’s really pushing the envelope?

As we grow, I’ll get some other professionals to also do some writing for us, because a topic such as the bass can’t be covered by one person alone.

Send me an E-mail. Whether you’ve never seen a bass or we’ve met at some point down the road as professional bassists, let’s start the dialog. Drop me a line and say hi. For those of you that want a little exposure; I’d like to do some profiles of bassists at various stages in their career as part of the blog.

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